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What We Do

When a person does not feel safe they cannot move on to satisfy higher needs like love, belonging, self-esteem and self actualization.  Our mission is to train women in the use of protection dogs to help them achieve their own security and to provide those highly trained dogs in an affordable way.

Our Mission

To educate women on the value, use, and management of a personal protection dog.  To provide the training for the women and the dogs in a way that ensures quality and affordability.

Light and Shadow

Women will not live in fear when a protection dog has their back!  We are building a community of women who are armed with protection dogs for their safety, security and well being.

Professional Training

K9 Warriors for Women includes an online training course to prepare women to manage and handle a protection dog. This training takes place through Top Tier K9's Academy for Dog Trainers; rated as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world. Women (students) will learn the basics of K9 training, communications, K9 health, nutrition, and first aid. Students will learn the psychology of victimization and how to fight back as well as how to use their dogs to climb out of survival mode and begin living without fear.

While the students are learning about the dogs, Top Tier K9 certified Master dog trainers and instructors match Foundation Dogs® to the individual women based on exact needs and living conditions. The selected Foundation Dog® is then finished as a protection dog, or as a service dog that also protects. Service dogs will be tasked trained for documented disabilities of the candidate and an additional duty of protection will be included in their skill portfolio.

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