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Community leaders who promote and support the K9 Warriors for Women Program from around the world

Cambrie Schroder


Cambrie is an actress, model and the president/founder of “Fit with Cambrie” a health and lifestyle supplement company and wellness brand that helps inspire women to make healthier choices, so they can live their highest quality of life. Cambrie believes that taking responsibility of your life is on each individual, but that there are things like her products, or investing in a Top Tier K9 dog that can help support you in your journey of achieving a healthier and more secure life.

"Cambrie is an amazing young woman. With close to a half a million followers on social media, Cambrie has a health and fitness channel, promotes both physical and mental health solutions to young women 

 all over the world, and owns a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® finished as an executive protection dog: K9 Scope", says Jeff Minder, CEO of Top Tier K9. "We are so excited to be launching our K9 Warriors for Women program. Adding this program to our Build a Battle Buddy system for disabled veterans and first responders will allow our school to reach even more people who will benefit greatly from a finished Foundation Dog®", he added.

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Serenity Sapphire Artemis

After being kicked out of my home and experiencing a less than desirable childhood, I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17. The Corps was a beacon of hope for success through challenge and it was the comradery I always longed for from family. I was zealous to serve my country and to have the feeling of belonging I never had attained at home. Less than six months into my 5-year contract I was raped on base by a fellow Marine of a higher rank and position than me. The rest of my career was painted by this event, I no longer felt safe, that I belonged, or that I could trust anyone around me. Over the years of my enlistment, I did my best to hold myself together to finish the mission I set out to, and to serve my country. Throughout the rest of my enlistment, I faced multiple accounts of sexual harassment on top of the memories of my assault. I was diagnosed with PTSD, depression, anxiety, and deal with intrusive thoughts daily related to these issues.  After EAS-ing and losing that ‘mission first’ distraction my mental health continued to deteriorate. I pushed to have a successful life but felt hindrance in never being able to trust people or feel safe in the world. When Forgotten Coast K9 presented me with this opportunity to receive and learn to train with my own service dog I knew I was finally reaching a turning point in my healing journey.

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As soon as I met Battle, I knew she was meant to be a part of my life, I feel a trust in her I haven’t been able to have with anyone since my assault. I no longer feel that I have to face my demons alone, I have my Battle buddy near me at all times. I can move forward with the goal to thrive, not just survive anymore. Traveling, enjoying being in public, and sleeping through the night all are things I look forward to instead of having an overwhelming dread for. I’m not worried about panic attacks disabling me or being in a vulnerable position alone anymore. She is unlocking a path to security and happiness I thought I would never be able to find again. I look forward to training and working with her every day. 

Jennifer Burgoyne

Having spent my career as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer up until this point has provided me incredible experiences, but those did not come without a price.  The changes crept up without me noticing, and the coping mechanism proved to be short term solutions.    After a series of traumatic events building up, both in my professional career & personal life, my health forced me to take some time off.   During this time I should have been recovering, but instead I found myself barely surviving with no support.   I had put everything into my career & there was no support to be found.  I found strength in a small network of friends & pushed to return to work, even though I had not faced any of my demons.   I found a love for my career again and as I returned to full duty, but then forced to return to an environment  that I now understand as a “trigger.”  

I was met with resistance and quotations of policy when I tried to express my concerns.  Shortly after I found myself spirally out of control again: not sleeping without self medicating, experiencing anxiety attacks & panic attacks, unable to get out of bed for days when off duty, unable to eat & throwing up on my way to work & at work, losing my temper at those around me for no reason at all, avoiding people … I tried reaching out knowing I was slipping away and was met with words of warning: if I went off duty any transfer opportunities would not be explored until I returned… and reminded that they need members on the road working and reliable, not off on medical. 


So, I endured… until my body could not handle anymore.  Breathing difficulty, black outs, uncontrollable hand tremors, and more, I was forced to address my demons.    


As I returned to work again I also started my venture with Top Tier K9.   I wanted to expand my knowledge of training dogs with a special interest in service dogs.  Little did I know that this venture would prove to be exactly what I needed to find my courage again to make the changes in my life that are what I need to be healthy.  As I faced returning to my “trigger” again with no alternative options or support from a career I once loved, I chose to retire.  I am now starting on a new path, building my own support circle & excited for what is to come.


I have poured all my chaos into training my own service dog that will also protect, CHAOS.  In a world that I have to remind myself is not all evil and untrustworthy she provides me the added security & focus to concentrate on me, my family & expanding our own business moving forward.  


Having experienced and witnessed the evils of this world, I look forward to being able to assist others out there who need a Service Dog that also Protects.  Top Tier K9 is more than incredible Dog Trainers & a School, they give people their lives back through their incredible programs.

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