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K9 Warriors For Women

1 in 3 women have experienced some sort of abuse, and moving past that horrific experience can be very difficult.

Our Program That Helps Women

Top Tier K9 is working with ambassadors from around the world to provide protection dogs for women in need as well as the necessary training to ensure both the K9 and it's new owner are fully prepared.


Whether it was growing up in an abusive household, entering into abusive relationships, or through abuse in the employment hierarchy of the business and/or government sectors. Abuse against women is rampant throughout the world and has paralyzing repercussions for the victims, trapping them in "survival mode" and denying them a sense of security, belonging and self-esteem.

Meet Ms. Cambrie Schroder

Top Tier K9 has entered into an agreement with Ms. Cambrie Schroder to be a Brand Ambassador for our new "K9 Warriors for Women" program, providing Foundation Dogs® finished as service dogs and protection dogs for women in need. Cambrie faced security threats growing up in a Hollywood family, and unfortunately like many women has fallen victim to abusive situations.

Cambrie reveals, “it's not about what happened to you, it's about how you choose to move forward, and taking the responsibility to protect yourself to be sure it doesn't happen again. I feel so relieved to have a protection dog that will help give me a sense of security and a way to heal 


my past and improve my future. Every woman who has ever felt vulnerable or been exposed to any level of abuse should have a Top Tier K9 dog. It's a path forward.” She is now the proud owner of a Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® finished as an executive protection dog: K9 Scope.

Top Tier K9

Top Tier K9 teaches you how to train dogs and to train the dog's owner.  We teach you how to start your own dog training business.  Our programs cover basic pet training, advanced pet training, working dog, and service dog training. We also train pets, service dogs, protection dogs, and Police K9 at our training locations in Florida and Georgia.

Learn to train a dog in basic obedience, advanced obedience, bomb detection, narcotics detection, tracking, search and rescue, protection and even service dogs for people with disabilities.  Learn to manage projects and start your own business. 


Our programs have been designed for people who desire to train dogs, but don't want to quit their jobs or move away to a dog training school in a different state.  Our program is without peer and you will learn more about dog training and about starting your own business at Top Tier K9 than at any other dog training school or business school in the country.

We train people to be true entrepreneurs who provide the highest levels of quality and integrity in the dog training industry and reap the rewards for taking the risks that so few are willing to do.  We help our students live the American dream.

Foundation Dog



Foundation Dog® is the gold standard in the world of working dogs. They are utilized as police K9, COVID-19 detection dogs, service dogs, protection dogs and sports dogs. A replicable breeding, selection and training process that produces consistent high quality working dogs. Foundation Dog® is a registered trademark of Top Tier K9, LLC.

Turn around time for training and delivery of protection dogs and service dogs is 8 weeks from contract. This can be expedited based on the buyers previous experience in the care and management of a dog.

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